t was my personal work tour as started from Gwalior to Morena by car & then by train at late Night near about 12:30 AM. I was very sleepy at that time I reached by Delhi at 6 AM.

My journey begins with my car I love to drive. Delhi is the city of against odds, hope, historical development & rapid growth now a days. Delhi is a Soldier’s town, Politician’s town, Journalist’s town, & Diplomat’s town. The ruins of old city, markets, monuments, broken mansions, etc.., Delhi has several tourist places. The India Gate is one of them. I visited firstly at INDIA Gate – the climate conditions are so favorable that I enjoyed there very well. The monument was erected to mark the martyr hood of thousands of soldiers who gave their lives in the wars fought between 1914 to 1919. Many of the Tourist visit over there I talked to one of Australian girl she’s was appreciating about India. It was very joyful as a travelling alone for relaxing myself from stress. I had learned more whenever I travel & personally experience. Then I took lunch at food hawker. Then I start my journey to RED Fort – Another important monument in Delhi. A greatest attraction ever I found as not only sculptures, but the finest architecture of that ancient times of Mughals, dress of kings, coins, weapons, script, etc. This monument was erected by Shah Jahan. The structure is a historical place, from where the Indian prime minister delivers a speech on the Independence Day every year. The monument is spread over a large tract of the area. It was really a great experience for me as I learned about their civilization & many more. 5 museums are there which are differentiated form each other. The place is also so silent at spring times that you can feel peace, fragrance of nature, environment of fort. It is a popular tourist attraction. Really Delhi is beautiful, irresistible & memorable. At 5 PM I had arrived to my home & next day I return with pleasing & cheery memories.

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